TH-Kit Information

THKit-IoT is an affordable and extensible IoT kit for students, beginners or hobbyists. It demonstrates the IoT functionality using simple to understand use cases. Users can modify / enhance the use cases code to add other 'things' to experiment with the kit or build their prototypes on top of it. The kit can be extended in multiple ways. It is based on Thinking Hut's proprietary IoT platform ACMIS.

Kit Contents

THKit contains the following components:

ACMIS is a proprietary framework that comes with a set of standard, robust and ready components that facilitates rapid development of any IoT PoC or product. The functionality has been broken down into individual micro services. Kafka is used for communication between the modules which facilitates independent enhancement of the functionality of modules without affecting the other modules.
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3 hosts the edge components of the ACMIS platform and acts as a Master Controller for various devices in your IOT landscape. It hosts the Raspbian OS that is based on Linux debian.
TH Cloud
TH Cloud comprises of a server side components of ACMIS like Notifier, Publisher, Grafana, etc.
I/O Components
➱ Raspberry Pi 3 board
➱ Micro SD card containing the Raspbian OS and ACMIS framework
➱ Texas Instrument sensor module CC 2650
➱ Raspberry board power supply
➱ DC Motor with plastic fan
➱ Connecting wires (female to female)
➱ HDMI Cable


THKit solution is broadly divided in two parts viz. the edge components and the server-side components. Edge components are hosted on the RaspBerry Pi and server side components are hosted on a remote cloud server. The diagram below depicts various components of the overall solution using the TH IoT-Shala